NihLink SafeLink Blogger Template Free Download

NihLink SafeLink blogger template is used for Blogspot/Blogger websites equipped with valuable tools to direct the main link to a specific page before

Heya! Welcome to Pro Templates Today on this occasion I am going to share NihLink SafeLink Blogger Template Free Download.

NihLink SafeLink blogger template is made by AnasRAR, which has a Safelink URL feature or a URL shortener. 

NihLink SafeLink blogger template is used for Blogspot/Blogger websites equipped with valuable tools to direct the main link to a specific page before entering the destination page.

Template Information

Template Name NihLink
Version v2.6.5
Price Free
Published on April 2019
Last updated on June 2022
Platform/CMS Blogger
Developer Anasrar
Documentation Docs


NihLink Safelink Blogger Template Complaitly Editabble blogger template. This template uses crypto js to encrypt your Links. This theme is entirely Customisable and modifiable.


  1. You don't need any coding knowledge to customize this theme,  It very easy to customize everything from layout section
  2. Best SafeLink template for blogger
  3. Password Feature 
  4. Sticky Ads
  5. Countdown timer feature 
  6. Random post option 
  7. Mobile friendly, Responsive and Fast loading
  8. Grid view and list view 
  9. AdSense friendly and User friendly 
  10. Can customize everything easily from Layout
  11. Fully Customizable 
  12. SEO Optimized 
  13. Fast loading
  14. Social media share buttons
  15. Ads slots
  16. SEO Friendly 
  17. Mobile Friendly
  18. Custom 404 page
  19. Fully Responsive 
  20. Made by Bootstrap 4.3.1
  21. Made by jQuery 2.1.4
  22. Made by Font Awesome 5.0.10
  23. Made by Crypto-js 3.1.2

How to add Safelink in Article?

  1. In Post HTML View
  2. Just insert <div id='output'></div> 
  3. Or You Can Set The ID On Setting Section ( Layout > page-setting > setting)


<p>Eum ab autem quia impedit facere. Molestias nemo facere quo. Tenetur ea occaecati. Iusto minus repudiandae qui et dolore. At aut enim dicta aut mollitia beatae. Ipsam qui quia qui ut vel error animi.</p>
<div id='output'></div> 
<p>Eius cumque magnam nisi nulla itaque consequatur doloremque sit. Enim voluptas tempore harum aliquid explicabo ut adipisci corrupti. Dolorem aut optio ab porro dolores. Ipsa repellendus commodi. Dolorem voluptatem quasi dolorem voluptas dignissimos aut. Aut cumque voluptate atque excepturi unde est ea quis dolores.</p>

Codes to add in Layout > page-setting > setting

 url: "", //blog url, if it is empty it will automatically use the blog url (don't add a slash at the end of the url)
page: "p/page.html", // url safelink page / safelink article
output: "#output", // place the output link, use the id attribute
fixednavbar: true, // please change to true / false if you want the Navbar to float
countdown: true, // please change to true / false if you want safelink page with countdown
timedown: 10, // countdown start
lang: {
  urlempty: "URL can not be empty",
  convertsuccess: "Convert URL success, copy url on box below",
  validtext: "HTTP, HTTPS, or WWW",
  gourltext: "Click here to go",
  nourl: "No URl here",
  errorconvert: "URL can not to convert",
  emptypass: "Password can not be empty",
  wrongpass: "Password is incorrect",
  countdowntext: "Please Wait {{anascountdown}} Second";

Download & Demo

*Click on the Download button and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Template XML file, Click on the Demo button to watch a Demo of the Template
  1. First of all Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. On Blogger Dashboard, Click on Themes.
  3. Click the arrow down icon just next to 'Customize' button.
  4. Now Click on Restore and upload the Template file which you have Downloaded.
  5. If you got any Errors while Restoring theme, Go to 'Edit HTML'
  6. Select all the Pre-existing codes and remove them.
  7. Now open the Template file which you have Downloaded.
  8. Select all codes and copy them to Clipboard.
  9. Now paste the codes in 'Edit HTML' page.
  10. Now click on Save by clicking this icon
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In this article, I have shared NihLink SafeLink Blogger Template Free Download . I hope you have liked it Please do share it with your friends and follow our blog for more.

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